Speaker, Teacher, Preacher (in that order) …

The tendency of many groups these days is to go one of two routes when looking for education or a guest speaker:

Stay with what they know – people often select a speaker with identical beliefs. By doing so, there is a possibility we are limiting our opportunities to be challenged and to experience growth.

Mesh into very large gatherings with nationally-known speakers – which can be costly to either the organization and/or the individuals attending. Intimacy is near impossible.

Why not try something customized? Every group, church, and organization have their own set of challenges and needs. When my motivational and inspirational skills are requested, I typically work with a representative of the group/church to develop a topic. I ask a few questions that are based around the current status of the group and the perceived needs of the group soliciting a speaker. I try to customize each presentation to meet specific needs.

Here are a few samples of presentations I’ve made to area churches, business groups, and women’s organizations:

  • Self-care: Are you Happy?
  • Vive la difference!
  • TEAMS (Do's and Don’ts of Teamwork)
  • Time Management
  • Vision Casting – Personally and Professionally
  • Refining Your Business Message
  • Business Plans – Be SMART
  • U – N – I – T – Y: Learning to Listen to One Another
  • Supporting the Military During the Holidays (or Anytime!)

I would love to work with your group. Please call me at 281-731-9552 or email Words@armymom80.com.

“To think outside the box, we must be willing to get out of the box!”

~ Roni Archer