What is Life Coaching?

Coaching is a process that involves listening, assessing, and assigning tasks to combat negative thoughts, lingering sabotaging emotions, and allows the Client to set goals understanding their hidden saboteurs.

Coaching is not a medical or psychological treatment. It does not involve medication or therapy. Coaching is an observing action that supports positive action plans. Coaching also adds a component of accountability.

Roni Archer is a Certified Life Coach through the American Union of Neuro-Linguistic Professionals. She completed Curves International Complete Coaching Certification program, working with women needing to lose 100 pounds or more. Roni’s style is proactive and will involve “homework.” She believes both the Coach and Client have different skills to bring to any coaching relationship.

Roni provides Business/Professional Coaching for anyone facing barriers to success, anyone starting their own business, and problem resolution among work teams.

The number one goal of coaching is to listen. Without listening, the Coach cannot effectively help the Client. Therefore, it is imperative that the Client be honest, open, authentic, and focus on “self.” Coaching is not a technique to “fix” a third party.

For your free initial consultation, please call 281-731-9552. Voice mail is available if Roni is unavailable at the time of your call.

“Who, actually, seeks out a coach? … Winners who want more out of life.”      ~ Chicago Tribune