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Roni Archer is a licensed, ordained pastor and a certified life coach. Roni has a bachelor’s degree in Religious Education. She spent over 19 years in Women’s Ministry addressing adults, expectant and new parents, women’s issues, children’s workers, teachers, and the corporate world. She teaches classes and facilitates groups of mixed genders from as little as 4 participants to as large as 200 participants. Her teaching and speaking experience are both from a faith-based and business perspective.

Roni serves on the Advisory Council for the Salvation Army in Pasadena and is coordinator for their “Behind the Red Badge” events. Roni represents East Harris County’s Salvation Army on a committee designed to support the Boys and Girls Club in Pasadena.

Mrs. Archer is experienced in business management, as well as a corporate trainer. She is a fact-based presenter, with technical and creative writing skills. Roni is involved in spiritual advocacy and community relations. She is a spiritual insight digital artist, spiritual growth blogger, and manages a travel page on Facebook.

Roni’s professional mission is to encourage people to think without telling them how to think.

Roni works on a contract basis as a community Ambassador for CarePatrol of Greater Houston. CarePatrol offers families better senior living options in one-on-one consultants or by providing free educational seminars on aging.

 "Helping adults learn, grow and thrive is my passion."

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