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Who am I? My name is Roni Archer. I am a licensed, ordained pastor and a certified life coach. I have a Bachelor’s degree in Religious Education. I spent over 19 years in Women’s Ministry and have experience addressing adults, women’s issues, children’s workers, youth workers, and the corporate world. I’ve taught classes and facilitated groups of mixed genders from as little as 4 participants to as large as 200 participants. My teaching and speaking experience is both from a faith-based and business perspective. I was a Certified Prenatal and Early Parenting Educator for 13 years making the decision to “retire” from the profession when my children began having school and church activities that interfered with nights and weekend classes. Helping adults learn, grow and thrive is my passion.

If you are looking for a speaker, professional/life coach, or group facilitator, please send me a message below.

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I look forward to speaking with you and growing together.

Roni Archer