Oct. 11, 2019

Beep, Beep!


“For the flesh desires what is contrary to the Spirit, and the Spirit what is contrary to the flesh. They are in conflict with each other, so that you are not to do whatever you want.” Galatians 5:17

I believe utilizing the drive thru option at our favorite fast food establishment offers a great lesson in human nature. Thursday, just yesterday, I was stressed. My sweet, precious Tommy was facing his second of two surgeries for newly discovered skin cancer. I needed to run some errands, which included checking on my “needy” grand dog <smile>, going by the credit union, and picking up some prescriptions all prior to the surgery we were facing. I’ll admit it. I wasn’t in the best of moods and felt rushed. I’m sure I am the only one who has ever felt that way, right?

I pulled up to the shortest line for drive thru. This particular fast food restaurant offers dual lines to help expedite the ordering process. It doesn’t always expedite it, but it does cause an entirely new set of issues. The lessons, “play nice,” and “be patient” are truly challenged in this type of set up. I’ve been yelled at – even at Chic Fila <gasp>! I’ve been invited to play a game of Chicken with my car when someone thinks they were ahead of me in the two lines. And, I’ve received the Queen Mary of all road rage actions – the middle finger.

Today was my turn, my opportunity, to show my true colors in the world of drive thru battles. I pulled into the shortest line (I know – already said that – I’m just reminding you.) The business van in front of me must have been sent to purchase breakfast for his entire office. That or he is one of those who has no clue what he planned to order and had to review the menu in its entirety before ordering.  Hello…if you don’t know what you want – go inside! (See. There I go. Judging my fellow drive thru-ers.)

What should have been a 2-3-minute order turned into a 10-minute ordeal. I did that infamous pulling up even closer to the van as that passive aggressive way of saying, “Hurry up, dude.” By the time Mr. Van completed his order, several other cars moved quickly and smoothly through the other drive thru lane. Yep. That’s how it goes. On our busiest and most rushed days, we get in the slow lane.

What came next was equally challenging. The third car to advance in the other lane (also male, I might add) was checking his phone. OMGosh! Good grief!  I’ve always been told men compartmentalize better than they multitask. If I was writing a paper for a psychology class or preaching on human nature, this guy would have been my test subject, a.k.a. perfect example! He was a) in no hurry, b) not concerned that he caused a severe back up in the drive thru, or c) oblivious to the traffic jam he was causing

I honked. It wasn’t one of those long, drawn out, I’m-mad-at-you honks, but it wasn’t a simple heads up tap either. It worked. He moved. The rest of us were able to pay, pick up our order (geeze, mine was a simple iced tea!), and be on our way.

As I pulled up alongside Mr. Silver truck (yes, he stopped again at the exit backing up traffic again), I noticed he was struggling. That’s when it hit me. I have no clue what this man’s phone call was about. Was someone ill? Had someone died? Had he lost his job? I don’t know because all I was worried about was my $1.08 half-cut iced tea.

God scolded me. Well, He scolded my spirit through conviction. I recently changed my Facebook profile picture to “Choose Love.” I might practice what I preach, right? Or follow the lead of my sweet, precious Tommy by going inside to place and pick up my order. <wink>