Oct. 7, 2019

Follow the Leader


“If anyone, then, knows the good they ought to do and doesn't do it, it is sin for them.” James 4:17

I’m asked quite often what is wrong versus what is right based on the fact that very few Christians agree on much. A disillusioned friend of mine shared that they are tempted to attend one of the more ritualistic denominations for that very reason. This particular denomination leaves very little to the imagination. They are adamant and spell out what they, as a church body, accept and what they will not accept.

Regardless of where we attend church or regardless of whether we attend church at all, mankind was created with free will. God must have seen choice as important or He wouldn’t have granted it. Freedom is at the very heart of human rights and God’s nature.

What I see in those that I minister to, which includes the unchurched, disillusioned, discontent and burned out, is that none of them expect “church people” to agree with 100% of what they believe. They do expect church people to put love into action.

It’s easy to say we love our fellow man. It’s harder to put effort behind our declaration. I’ve been convicted to examine my life. Prejudice isn’t just a race issue. Many of us, God’s people, openly display an attitude of hate towards certain sections of the world’s population.

One question: Does Jesus follow you or do you follow Jesus? We are actually supposed to follow His love. He refuses to follow our hate. So, if we are on a path of hate and meanness, we walk alone.

Who is at the head of my Christian walk? I have to ask myself every day. Every. Single. Day.