Sep. 22, 2019



Ok… now that I have your attention, I would like to share a vision God gave me in church this morning. (Don’t worry, Pastor, I was listening. I believe when we are opened to His Spirit, He moves uniquely, creatively, and individually; as well as congregationally.)

My pastor was preaching from Revelation 11 talking about the two final prophets God will provide to try and salvage some souls before all hell breaks loose. Literally – hell will break loose. He talked about how God empowers His laborers. How God protects His laborers. How His laborers can expect persecution, but how God will honor each of us in the end – IF we are willing to hang on and trust Him.

I’ve been praying about a specific, personal situation and was praying all throughout the church service today. God reminded me of past experiences where I faced persecution while serving Him. I also remembered a sermon from the past where the preacher said we can grow bitter or better as a result of trials and tribulations. There are many Christians who have grown spiritually, for the better, when trials came their way. But there are also Christians who gave up, threw in the towel and remain bitter today for things that occurred in their lives. Things they didn’t (and still don’t) like.

The word, “butter,” came to mind. I laughed it off thinking, “I’m not sure butter is what God wants to say to me during this sermon about the final two prophets.” But the word butter was repeated over and over again in my mind. It was then I realized. We can become bitter, better, or be like butter when it comes to what Satan throws our way. If we are trying to serve God to the best of our ability and find ourselves persecuted nonetheless, there is a third option the old preacher left out. Butter.

When butter is ice cold, it is hard. However, when butter is set out or heated up, it becomes spreadable. I believe God is teaching me that I need to be like butter. The choice is mine. I can stay in the refrigerator afraid that I will expire, or I can get out among the people. I can choose to be cold and icy or I can allow God to hold my feet to the fire, which softens me and prepares me for easy spreading.

In my vision, I realized something. It’s all about the Butter (His Spirit). While He was speaking to the condition of my heart, the Lord simply used the picture of butter to make His point. Regardless of what I do, His word will spread with or without me. I get to decide.

I choose service. I choose Him. I choose to boldly set the Butter out. Bring on the heat, folks, because by doing so, persecution will only make it easier for the Butter to spread!