Sep. 9, 2019

As Far As It Depends On Me


At the time

I needed you the most,

You offered your very least.

Years later, you ask,

“What’s wrong with her?”

It seems, from the surface,

You want to pretend

The end

Was based only on my


I silently watched

As you destroyed

What was good.

When I stepped in

And stood up,

The problem was me;

Not you.

Not your indecision;

Or indifference;


Because I took a stand;

Because I spoke the truth;

Because you had every right to


But you were not granted the right

To be bitter towards


As I think of what I gave,

I am not bitter.

Just realistic.

I think about my contributions,

Not because I was buying your love

But because I was all in.

I think about how I made the choice

To walk away.

I realize now that you’ve used my strength

As the method to blame


For the separation.

It takes tremendous strength

And great courage

To ask, “What did I do wrong?”


“What should I have done differently?”

Just because you are unwilling to ask

Doesn’t mean


Are free from responsibility.

It simply means

You flee


If I refuse to forgive,

I reject Christ’s teachings.

I choose to forgive,

And someday I will achieve it.


I can look in the mirror

And know

That I’ve learned and

I’ve grown.

My mistakes

Molded me.

I am curious –

Can you say the same?

It’s not a

Form of judgement.

It’s merely another example

Of my willingness

To ask the tough questions;

To admit my role;

To confess my part;

And, to move on in forgiveness.

Your desire to shun me

And to reject me

Does not say anything

About me.

It does, however,

Reveal everything

About you.

“If it is possible, as far as it depends on you, live at peace with everyone.” Romans 12:18


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