Aug. 16, 2019


“Regard each other as more important than yourself.” Philippians 2:3

I don’t get it.

I’m sorry.

It’s true.

I hear what you say,

But I don’t understand you.

I try to listen

To understand.

Sometimes, I think,

“You’re just crazy, man.”

I don’t understand


Taking over our minds.

I don’t understand how we require

Everyone else to stay in line.

I don’t understand pictures

And words that you post.

I don’t understand the disconcerting


Contained in your boasts.

I don’t understand your humor.

I don’t understand your indifference.

I don’t understand how

You think sarcasm

Will make a difference.

I don’t understand you.

In fact, the truth is

You don’t understand me.

So, that’s how we’ll live.

Would life be different

If love ruled?

Would society be different

If Christians weren’t cruel?

I don’t think

We will ever know.

We’re lacking compassion.

And we lack the desire to grow.

The older I get,

The more I see –

I don’t want to understand you and

You don’t want to understand me.

We can’t rewind.

We can never go back.

Especially when concern is

What everyone lacks.

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