Aug. 11, 2019

The Dream

“And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.” Philippians 4:7

Interpreting dreams is certainly biblical. Not all dreams are messages from God. Not all dreams need interpreting. But, in my life, I know that I know God often uses my dreams to talk to me.

I began to realize it in my young adult years. I think it became obvious He used dream time because I stayed so busy and distracted during the day. The only time God had my full attention was through my dreams. Many times, He used the nighttime sleep hours to reveal His will to me or to comfort me. As I’ve aged, He uses my dreams from time to time to help me resolve issues that seem irreparable.

My oldest sister passed away in 2017. She fought cancer twice. I don’t like to say she lost her battle, because the battle belongs to the Lord. She is definitely healed. She is definitely in Heaven. She didn’t lose anything. We, as her family, did – we lost her.

I’ve found it interesting that I hadn’t dreamed about my sister in over two years since her passing. Most of you know I lost my other sister in 2001. I began dreaming about Becky almost immediately. I suspect God knew that I wasn’t ready and couldn’t handle dreaming about Debbie. Until last night.

Debbie came to me clearly in last night’s dream. Many would think the dream was silly because Debbie came to me with a problem. She had been to dinner at a local restaurant and they overcharged her. Knowing we knew the owners of the restaurant intimately, she came to me to air her grievance. The dream took some twists and turns, but the dream ended with my ability to secure my sister’s refund.

What does this crazy dream have to do with anything? I believe God was trying to tell me that He understood how helpless I felt during Debbie’s final battle. When someone you love is dying, the helplessness is overwhelming. Especially when you’ve already ridden the roller coaster with another close family member.

God knew that I needed comforting. He knew that I felt so useless as Debbie struggled in her final days. God knew that I needed to receive a sense of release. Yes, it was only a dream. But, in that dream I was offered the opportunity to solve her problem. I was able to help relieve her frustration. If it took a dream to bring me relief and remind me of my beautiful Debbie, that’s okay by me.

“Thank You, God, for those moments in dreams where You allow us to do the impossible. Thank You for allowing me to get it right, this time. Even if it was only in a dream. In Christ’s name, Amen.”