Aug. 6, 2019

How Weak is Your God?


“You shall receive power when the Holy Spirit comes upon you….” Acts 1:8a

There is a popular, contemporary worship song entitled, “How Great is Our God?” How great is our God? What happened to that proclamation and concept?

The picture accompanying this blog is from a TV series on Showtime that came out between 2007-2010. It’s old news for avid cable TV viewers, but I’m slow. It’s taken me awhile to learn what cable has to offer. The good, the bad, and the ugly. Before anything else is said or written, let me insert a disclaimer: This cable show is brutally graphic. I fast forwarded through a great deal of it. So, let me just say I am not recommending it. I am simply using it as a frame of reference.

If you were to watch the series (which, again, I am NOT recommending), you would see just how messed up religion became AFTER Christ left earth. Oh, my! I watched the series to gain insight on religious history. Notice I didn’t say, “Christian history.” They are two very different things. Religion isn’t necessarily Christ-based. And, some faithful Christians aren't very religious. If you were to suck it up and watch “The Tudors,” you’d get what I mean by those statements. Man is basically really messed up and still in need of a Savior. Not a king or any other politician, a spiritual Savior.

I began to understand Facebook better after watching “The Tudors.” I began to realize that quoting Holy Scripture, inserting God’s name, and insisting that your point of view is “Gospel Truth” isn’t anything new. In fact, it is a very old practice in piousness.

We, as Christians, claim the power of God but we also post that He has been removed from schools and other structures. Really? So, every Christian child or adult walking into the building doesn’t carry Christ with them? I’m confused.

We, as Christians, claim the protection of God but we need our guns to make sure we’re covered when God isn’t looking. You know…when He takes a nap. You understand…. when He isn’t in control.

We, as Christians, claim the preferences of God but we don’t apply what we learn, speak or teach. Grace? Limited. Mercy? We ran out. Compassion? Don’t think so. Witness? Nope. I’d rather talk about my political views. Confidence of the Believer? It’s in our vote. Sorry, God.

I see now why churches are no longer singing, “How Great is Our God.” We have a power outage and it isn’t due to the sins of the world. It’s due to the lack of belief from most Christians.

How weak is your God?