Jul. 23, 2019

The Comedian

“A fool takes no pleasure in understanding, but only in expressing his opinion.” Proverbs 18:2

Funny is a matter of perspective. Late night talk show hosts who mercilessly attack our President and his family aren’t funny to me. And, I don’t care much for our President. Crude and rude humor appeals to Junior High kids. At some point, adults should grow out of it. In my opinion, bathroom humor – not funny.

I recently heard a comedian. I uncomfortably sat in a room while a room full of people laughed and laughed and laughed.  I think they were trying to be nice or they had too much to drink. To me, he wasn’t funny.

The guy that introduced him began by saying “college graduates think they know everything.” Funny (or not), we were sitting in Aggie Land. The city survives on college educations. Uh…. not funny if you depend on tuitions at A&M. The man making the introduction also made fun of the “tree huggers.” Isn’t it interesting how you suddenly become an enemy of your nation when all you want is for grass to grow, animals to have homes, for your great grandchildren to know what a bunny looks like, and to have a little space for deer to roam?

Then the comedian took over the microphone. I think my problem was trying to sort through his jokes by blocking out his cussing. Cussing – the oldest form of fill-in comedy. I’m not sure cussing is funny to everyone. Not in a large group of people who are there for professional reasons. Not in a room of college-educated people. <wink>

Then he made fun of people asking if he loved his wife. I hope his wife thought that was funny because it was neither respectful nor tasteful. He even talked about the smell of her “poop.” Really? That’s funny? Most of the room laughed and laughed. I just have one question: Why do we condemn late night comedians for vulgar jokes about our President while we applaud a washed-up old man who crudely belittles his wife? Two words: NOT FUNNY.

I don’t mean to put these gentlemen down. They have every right to say what they want to say and think like they want to think. Their belief system is built by their history and life experiences. Any bias or prejudice was learned. They didn’t come into the world hating college graduates or finding humor in deprecating their wives.

I share the story only to say that we cannot escape the deep divide in our country. No matter where we go. Despite who puts on the show or pays for dinner, we seem hell-bent and determined to make fun of anyone and everyone if they don’t share our beliefs. I think it’s sad. But I don’t think it will change comedy anytime soon. I read an article that said today’s America has “fractures among friends and within families.” We are broken. It seems to me that we prefer to enhance the divide as opposed to closing the gap. We lack understanding. When we fail to try to understand others, the fool in us comes alive.

Here’s my comedy routine: I did determine one thing after walking out on the act. If you ever want to know where old, white men go to die – it’s deep in the heart of Texas. Funny? Not funny? Oh, well. I guess it’s a matter of perspective.