Jul. 20, 2019

Here we go…again.

“and, lo, I am with you always, even unto the end of the world. Amen.” Matthew 28:20b

It’s only part of the verse. What I’ve quoted above is the very last part of Matthew 28:20; thus, the “b.” It’s only part of a verse and a very small part of Christ’s message in the very last chapter of Matthew, but it speaks volumes to me today.

“and,” is not capitalized because it stems from the original thought in Matthew 28:20a. The “and” to me says, “By the way….” As I pray and as I wait for God’s answer, He reminds me “and” or “by the way,” “I’m here. I’m listening.”

“lo” is the bible language’s way of saying, “Look!” or “See!” It’s the sign that an announcement of something exciting is coming. If we look at what comes next, “I am with you always,” that’s pretty exciting! Christ promises His presence. Everywhere and always.

The next part of the portion of this verse is what I needed to hear today: “even unto the end of the world.” Christ was talking about the coming of age – the true end of the world. Today, however, in my prayer time, the end of the world means something altogether different for me. My soldier son flew out of Alexandria, Louisiana for his next military assignment in Korea. His 8th deployment. Although, I’m told now that he is a SGT Major, he will no longer be termed “deployed.” He will be “assigned.” What’s the difference? He still feels a million miles away. For me, it seems that he is at the end of the world.

But you know what? Christ is there! He promised eternal presence everywhere for His children – Christians. There is only one response to that promise: AMEN!

TEACHABLE MOMENT: I’ve blogged today as a way to find comfort. That is what writing does for me. I’ve also blogged today to encourage you, my reader. There is a third reason I blogged in this manner today. I want to show all the doubters, the unbelievers, the scoffers, that the bible speaks to each of us differently. Yes, the main message in this small portion of scripture is that Christ remains in our hearts and minds until He returns in physical form at the end of the world. (His Second Coming.)  Yet, when I need a message from Him, He can take even the “part b” of His teaching and transform it into a customized message of encouragement. My Christ Jesus is in Korea! Even though it feels like my son is at the end of the world, his Jesus goes with him where his mama cannot tread.