Jul. 11, 2019

The "Boo-Boo"

“They dress the wound of my people as though it were not serious. ‘Peace, peace,’ they say, when there is no peace.” Jeremiah 6:14

Silly little games on Facebook always reveal a serious truth about me. I have a problem with fakers and haters. (Although, many church people see me as the biggest “hater” of all.) Someone very close to me pointed out that I am a very forgiving person when it comes to the sins of others. Embarrassed, I replied, “Well, unless we’re talking about church people.” I admit it. I am neither tolerant or forgiving when it comes to those who claim to love and represent God but who refuse to admit their own brokenness. If you want to fake it, have fun. When you’re ready to get serious, call me. 

The prophets in the Old Testament match and mirror the teachings of Christ in the New Testament. While they were called to speak to a specific people group at a specific time, Christ speaks to all generations. His life, His teachings, and the recordings of His work in the bible tell us exactly who Christ is, what He represents, and what He expects from us.

This verse in Jeremiah speaks to me and for me today. We, as God’s people, are broken. We have been wounded, yet we wound others. We laugh while we hide tears. We cry, “Peace” pretending all is well. You know what? All is not well. Not even close to it.

I’ve shared for many years that my calling is not to the church world. My calling is to the world where people admit they need Jesus. My calling is to those who were burned by or who are burned out with the church. What I am hearing lately breaks my heart. I suspect Jesus weeps as well.

“I don’t believe in God because of the way people who claim to believe in Him act.”

“I need more than what church has to offer.”

“Why hang around a bunch of people who claim to believe God is love but whom show very little love for anyone who disagrees with them.”

“The lost draw lines in the sand. Those claiming to be saved jump on bandwagons attacking everyone else.”

Brothers and sisters, do you really think I make this stuff up? I live my life in the trenches; not in a pew. I live my life asking the difficult questions with an openness to harsh answers and blunt replies. I ask the questions because, with God’s help, I can handle the answers.

There is no peace. If you are sitting in a pew on Sunday lifting your hands and singing songs of praise, good for you! But, do Christ a favor – get out more often, okay? If we can’t handle the truth, the question arises: “Do we know the Truth?”