Jun. 10, 2019



As promised in my March 19th blog, here is the rest of the story… Let’s call this L-Z from Roni Lee.

L. Why do I feel better knowing the label, “Libertarian” applies to me? Why do I need a label?

M. Why can’t we all just go to bed one night and not wake up in the morning as opposed to suffering from diseases? If we are going to die at an appointed time, can’t our appointed way be more humane?

N. If you don’t believe in God, how did we all become so “customized?”

O. Why do I find it so easy to burn bridges and forfeit friendships? Is that a good thing?

P. Do people in the Gulf Coast not realize that we are sitting on a powder keg? Why did the ITC fire serve as a wake-up call? The phone has been ringing since the first chemical plant was built. Hello?

Q. Where did the young woman who ate healthy and exercise regularly go? Will I ever see her again? Not so much the “young” part, but the healthy and exercise parts?

R. FACT: “Their” sins are always much worse than “ours.”

S. Will I ever feel at home in a church again? Am I supposed to?

T. How can Jesus’ followers follow Him and not care about poverty, the oppressed, and the outcasts?

U. Instead of telling others what the Bible says, can we just live out what we believe it says? 

V. I suspect most of us place our faith in the wrong people or things while we tell everyone else to believe in God and accept Jesus.

W. Will we ever get equally passionate about Jesus on Facebook?

X.  Is it ever okay to say, “I really don’t like you?” Or should we just keep smiling?

Y.  Why did God create roaches? I mean, that’s just gross.

Z. Be honest. Does anything written here change your mind? I suspect not. So, why be offended?