Jun. 8, 2019


Living with contrast…
Is a test to our faith.
One man is home – must be pure grace!
The other is missing.
Such a great man…
Does it do any good to say,
“God, I don’t understand.”
Contrast exists all around.
It’s the difference between light and sound.
One we see…
The other we hear.
But, only one proves God is near.
If we are listening…
He whispers to us,
“I don’t need your understanding.
I need your trust.”
When I’m tempted to ask,
“Why does life go this way?”
Jesus reminds me,
Like sheep,
We all go astray.
Contrasts come,
And contrasts go.
Jesus should be
The star of the show.
Please don’t get bogged down
In life’s details…
Only He determines
Who goes to Heaven…
And who goes to hell.

Roni Archer - June 8, 2019