Apr. 27, 2019



Let’s be nice.

Pretend all is well;

Even if it’s lies

We want “yes-sayers.”

“No sayers” wound.

Ignore what’s wrong.

It’ll be over soon.

We like the “sugar coaters.”

We prefer simplicity.

Too much honesty

Only brings misery.

My Jesus is sweet,

But He isn’t sugar-coated.

My Jesus is strong.

His presence emboldens.

I believe the answer

Is for all to see

I’m not like you,

and you’re not like me.

How great it will be

When we embrace and trust

God uniquely made

Each of us.

If you’re called to sugarcoat,

That is fine.

But please understand

Your calling is not mine.

We can live, laugh, and love

Through honesty.

Jesus said the truth

Is what sets us free.

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