Mar. 29, 2019

The Change

I am not certain we realize

The words we choose

Often hurt

And light a fuse.

Opinions here.

Opinions there.

(Like Dr. Seuss)

Opinions everywhere…

It took some hardships

To reveal God’s Truth.

Many of His Children

Have tongues

Running loose.

From politics to

Spiritual beliefs,

We must look to Christ

For our relief.

From hurts and heartaches

To anger swells,

Hatred is deep;

But, so is Love’s Well.

Stop. Think. Listen. Learn.

Pray. Reach out. Please discern.

What needs to be said?

What can be left alone?

Often our silence,

Is what makes us strong.

What did it take

To mellow me?

When our world crashes in,

The result is humility.

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