Mar. 13, 2019

We Must Do What We Must Do

Do you not know? Have you not heard? Has it not been told to you from the beginning? Have you not understood since the earth was founded?” Isaiah 40:21

Looking back, I can truly say

My life has been more than blessed.

With each new breath, every day,

My faith withstood the test.

As time marches on, it also closes in.

We all know that this is true.

Some fight the inevitable;

Others do what they must do.

Each of us have a journey to take;

Each one must make their choice.

Some march on with all their might

Ignoring the Father’s voice.

For me there has never been a question.

I’ve depended solely on You.

Please give me the strength to continue on…

Guide me and show me what to do.

At the dawn of life, we don’t understand

How short life will become.

We live our life often acting as if

There never was a Son.

But for me, my Lord, I’ve felt You near

My entire life.

I’ve had my heartaches and my fears.

I’ve caused my fair share of strife.

Although I’ve made some mistakes,

Your love has remained faithful and true.

When it all comes right down to it,

You’ve helped me do what I must do.

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