Feb. 19, 2019

Our Lack of Exercise


Up until a few months ago, I was walking 10,000 steps a day using a Fitbit for tracking. Somewhere along the way, I lost motivation.

I’m not a gym-type of girl. I managed Curves Deer Park for several years and enjoyed women working out in an all-female club. However, the long lines in co-ed gyms simply does not appeal to me. I’d rather hit the streets and walk a few miles. Well, if I’d continue hitting the streets. <blush>

I think we are turning into a lazy society. It’s moved beyond remotes and automatic vacuum machines. Now we don’t want to shop for our own groceries and the drive-thru lines for fast food are always busier than the inside lines.

The latest convenience is videos. It seems we no longer want to read. We want to watch someone talk to us. It’s been suggested that I stop writing my blog and video it instead. Uh…. I don’t think so. For one, writing is therapeutic for me. It also forces me to research and form correct sentences. Most of the time. <wink>

For you, reading is good for your brain. Our society has brain mush and cannot figure out why. I’ll tell you why. We aren’t thinking for ourselves or reading. We use calculators to calculate. We watch the news to hear what they think we need to know. Very few of us choose to read anymore. And, we wonder why Dementia is on the rise?

I saw a church sign once that read, “Seven days without prayer makes one weak.” Get it. Seven days = a week. They did a switch up there. Did you catch it? Please exercise your brain and catch it! <laugh>

We do more and more sermons and bible studies by video. We seem to be conducting far fewer prayer meetings. So, not only are we physically and mentally inactive; it seems we are spiritually lazy, too.

Another example is my employer offering free educational classes for senior adults and their families. It was suggested we not call them “workshops,” or someone might think they need to work through a workbook. We certainly don’t want to make anyone think they need to work! <wink> These classes (Yes, this is an advertisement.) offer vital information and they should be full. Despite ongoing advertising and offering them for free across the area, we are lucky to get 3-5 people in each class. My husband tells me aging is a depressing topic and that’s why people don’t want to attend the classes.

No problem! We have a class on depression in senior adults!

Here’s my point: Please look for ways to exercise your brain. My suggestion is that you read my blog once or twice a day. (Yes. That’s another commercial.) Hey! Watch for typos! That will be GREAT exercise. <wink>

“What? Do you not know that your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit, who is in you, whom you have received from God, and that you are not your own?” 1 Corinthians 6:19