Feb. 6, 2019

Let's be fair...

“For the Lord’s decrees are just, and everything he does is fair. The Lord promotes equity and justice; the Lord’s faithfulness extends throughout the earth.” Psalm 33:4-5

Life is not fair. Realizing and accepting that is vital to our emotional and spiritual health. Bad things happen to good people. Likewise, good things happen to bad people. When I feel the “bad guys” are winning, I read Psalm 37. God is not fooled, and He certainly isn’t a fool!

It’s hard for me to try and talk about life with someone who doesn’t have faith. While I understand each person must choose for themselves, I personally believe science and the universe points to the existence of God; not away from it. I believe God created us and loves us. I believe God came in human form as Jesus and bridged the gap between earth and Heaven. I believe Christ will return. Since I believe all of this and believe it strongly, I try to keep it in mind on my bad days.

Today was a day I missed my sisters. Today was a day that tears flowed…again. Today was a day that I searched for meaning in the cruel cancer deaths of a 45-year-old mother of four and an angel that barely crossed 60. Today was a day that I questioned God on how my sisters, both nurses, completed the tasks He assigned them so soon? Today was a day that I had to read and remember Psalm 33:4-5.

What God says is just. What God does is fair. God is the ultimate Civil Rights advocate. God is faithful throughout the earth. We, as Americans, just like to pretend we’ve cornered the market on His attention. <wink>

Because God’s word is just, because God’s actions are fair, and because God stands for equality and justice – I stand with Him. God so loved the world that He gave His only Son. If that doesn’t make us feel special without becoming arrogant, I don’t know what will inspire us to trust Him.