Feb. 4, 2019

A Real Shocker!

“Let each of you look not only to his own interests, but also to the interests of others.” Philippians 2:4

Over the weekend and during our relaxing camping trip, my husband received a text message from the Republican National Committee. This is not a joke. My husband, along with 18 other individuals, received the text message that included a survey prior to the State of the Union address. I must admit the only names I saw and recognized on the text were male. I will also admit that the only names I saw on the text were what I consider my husband’s “hard-core” friends. That’s all I’m gonna say about that! <wink>

My husband and I decided to take the survey together. We felt that the RNC needed both perspectives. We felt that our President should hear from all people, not just male and not just Republican. We also thought taking the survey would be fun since we had absolutely no plans to hit, “Submit.” It was an eye-opening experience.

For over 40 years, my husband and I often vote differently. I tend to vote for a wide variety of candidates on the ballot. I do not stick to one gender, one race, or one party. NOT because I refuse to cooperate with my husband <wink>; not because I am a “baby killer;” but because I believe America is made up of all kinds of people. Not just people like me. What was shocking about the survey was Tommy and I agreed on just about everything except the wall. And, that’s all I’m gonna say about that, too!

SHOCKER ALERT: I think President Donald J. Trump (That’s what they called him on the survey.  Guess it makes him sound more official?) has done a pretty good job with policy. When the answer provided options of “agree,” “disagree,” “not applicable,” or “other,” Tommy and I both chose “other,” for the most part. I added input that said the President uses Twitter too much and that his emotion overrules the dignity of the office. I won’t share what Tommy said under “other,” because its not my story to tell and I didn’t ask his permission to share. <smile>

After the survey was over, I reminded Tommy to stand behind me when the heat was turned up from our Republican friends. So many assume I hate the President. So many assume I am Liberal or a “yellow-dog Democrat.” Ah, we know what assumptions do to us, right? <wink>

I keep telling you guys I am really am a very balanced person. I simply do not support a lopsided country. Regardless of the official name of the person at the helm. I believe the bible teaches us to be willing to see life through the eyes of others. Compromise is a way to yield by saying, “You matter, too.”

So, you must be wondering why we didn’t hit, “Submit?” Simple. We don’t want to start receiving the solicitation emails and letters from either political party.  Believe me, they get enough money from the “hard-cores” and the “yellow-dogs.”