Jan. 12, 2019

Reality Check

“The one who oppresses the poor to increase his own gain and the one who gives to the rich—both end up only in poverty.” Proverbs 22:16

The United State of America is shut down. I don’t know about you, but this is making me angrier each passing day. If any other workforce shut down operations, they’d lose their jobs.  Hey, that’s an idea…!

I’ll try to tell this story without divulging anything that should not be divulged. The story sickens me. During the Christmas/New Year’s holiday, a young man took his life.  He was a federally-paid employee, going through a divorce, facing a custody hearing, already struggling to keep his soon-to-be-ex wife and children in the family home, and our government officials decided sticking to their guns politically was more important than his needs. Was he depressed? Yes. Is his suicide their fault? No. What is their fault is they pushed him over the edge. I suspect there are more to come.

I’m curious. Why are refugees from other countries more important than our own citizens? I’m curious. If fewer threats come through the southern border than the 4,000 suspected terrorists that entered through airports last year, why are we willing to not pay air traffic controllers and TSA security workers while we argue about how to secure the southern border?

It's official. The United States of America has a group of junior highers at the helm. It is sickening. (My apologies to all junior high schoolers for the sad comparison.)