Jan. 7, 2019

Aging is not a four-letter word...

“Gray hair is a crown of splendor; it is attained in the way of righteousness.” Proverbs 16:31

The purpose of this blog is to share the lessons I’ve learned throughout my life. I realize some people enjoy reading my blog every now and then. I also understand there are others who could care less. I’m still going to write, okay?

Today I want to talk about my new job. First, a very sweet friend of mine recommended me for a position with CarePatrol of Greater Houston a year ago. Contrary to popular belief, she didn’t recommend me because I’m old <smile>. She suggested that the owners talk to me because she thinks I know everyone. Considering I was born, grew up, and have continued to live within a 5-mile radius during my lifetime, I do know quite a few people. Not everyone, but lots.

I was initially hired on a contract basis. Coming off a difficult job and an unpleasant experience, I wasn’t ready to make the leap into another employer/employee relationship. The past year has allowed CarePatrol time to get to know me, me time to get to know them, and time to figure out if this is a good fit for both of us.  It is. I am officially a CarePatrol employee as of January 1st. Yay!

Most of my job is marketing – something I enjoy. The best part of my job is I am returning to my roots as a client/patient educator. I love teaching people. Another reason for my blog. If I teach you nothing else, I will teach you what I’ve learned in life.

I remember teaching Prenatal and Early Parenting Education as a young mother. I faced the same type of reactions to pregnancy classes as I do now on aging classes. When anyone heard I taught “Lamaze,” they would say, “I’m going to have an epidural.” I guess that excused them from needing to know anything about their body, their baby or their new role. (I’ve always said birth was the easy part to parenting. They need to numb us when the kids turn 13 <wink>.) When I tell people that I work for a free community service that provides education and consultations for anyone dealing with aging issues, the reaction is about the same. I suspect people either don’t think they are going to get old or they really don’t want to talk about it. Here’s the deal – aging is not a bad word. In fact, it is a very good word. Beats the alternative, right?

So, what do I do? Do I insist that people dispose of their parents or grandparents at nursing homes? Nope. Do I think everyone over the age of 70 needs to be put away? No. Do I think that, like childbirth and parenting, we can make a life stage much more enjoyable and easier if we are willing to learn a little? Yep. That’d be it.

If we cannot talk about getting older, whether its our own aging or the aging of someone we love, we will never learn how to make the most of it. The bible says gray hair is a sign of wisdom. Too many of us try to cover up our wisdom by living in denial.

Don’t do that. Call me.