Dec. 31, 2018

The Challenge

“Surely the Lord God does nothing without revealing His purpose to His servants the prophets.” Amos 3:7

We are in a tedious time in our nation. Mass confusion. Chaos. Disagreements. Discouragement. But, amid it all is a message of hope. The biggest difference between Christianity and other world religions (or lack thereof) is the issue of hope. Jesus promises us there is more to come. When this world ends, things will get better for His children. When we choose faith and put our trust in Him, the problems of the world fade away and the hope for eternity flourishes. Thank You, Lord.

In the Old Testament, prophets kept God’s people moving forward – or at least tried to keep them moving. I personally believe there are still prophets today. The thing about having the gift of prophecy is you learn to accept that a) you are keenly aware of sin and rebellion, b) God asks you to say the hard stuff, and c) not everyone is going to like you or agree with you. A true prophet speaks to encourage God’s people to move forward anyway. Moving beyond this life and the ruts it creates is challenging. Prophets issue the challenge.

I’ve accepted a challenge from the Holy Spirit within me. People often ask me what bible plan I use for personal study. I seek out a customized plan through prayer each year.  I try not to feel bound by written or published plans. Beginning tomorrow, I plan to spend 2019 reading through the major and minor prophets. I will begin in Isaiah and move forward all the way to the end of Malachi. I believe God still speaks through the bible’s prophets.

Here’s my plan: I will pick a translation that makes my reading understandable and enjoyable. I will read each day. I won’t feel guilty if I miss a day. I will read just as much as I am able to truly digest – even if that is only 4-5 verses. I plan to write in a journal the messages relayed to God’s people then and I will write a sentence about what I can learn from it now.

While the Old Testament provides history from days gone by, it also provides lessons for us today. The prophets spoke. God’s people choose whether or not to listen.