Nov. 26, 2018

Gone Fishing

In John 4, the bible provides an account of Jesus’ meeting with a woman at the well. The woman was not a woman of prestige. In fact, her nationality and character were questionable at best. Jesus loved her anyway.

I think we forget just how much Christ reached out to women during His lifetime. He lived during a time that women were viewed as property and carried no clout whatsoever. Jesus loved them anyway.

Jesus’ life was constantly threatened. The religious and political leaders of His day did not care for Him, His message, or His methods. As a human, Christ had every reason to stay out of the public eye. If He had, He would have been safe from harm and hate. He didn’t. Jesus knew there were powerful people after Him. He loved the powerful people anyway.

When Christ came across anyone in need, His first reaction was always love; never hate. Christ did not reach out to the lost in a condemning tone. He accepted them. Jesus hung around sinners. This is another reason the religious elite despised Him. They didn’t understand why anyone would care about women, children or sinners. Then and now, Jesus cares deeply for every soul. Most especially the oppressed.

The Lord forces me to examine my life often. Not just for the obvious sins of rebellion. He also moves me to consider how many people I interact with that need Him? As a church goer, we often find ourselves surrounded by the “saved” instead of reaching the lost. Our entire mission on earth is to draw others to Him. Instead we seem to form safe church circles.

Do you have anyone close to you that needs the love of Jesus? While everyone needs Jesus’ love, many do not understand it because they haven’t experienced it through God’s people. We cannot possibly live out the Great Commission if we condemn the sinners while applauding the saints. God convicted me to throw a wide net in hopes of reaching a few. You may not see me in church often, but you will find me fishing. Kind of like Jesus, right?

“Remember this: Whoever sows sparingly will also reap sparingly, and whoever sows generously will also reap generously.” 2 Corinthians 9:6