Nov. 20, 2018

Fiddle Faddle

“Set your minds on things above, not on earthly things.” Colossians 3:2

I bet you are thinking, “She is really going to blog about a snack food? Has she run out of things to talk about?” Yes, and no.

When we talk about Fiddle Faddle the snack food, it goes in line with the dictionary definition of the term fiddle faddle. Fiddle Faddle the snack food is a conglomeration of several snacks, some toppings, and ease of service. The person craving the treat puts no effort into its creation. Other than purchasing Fiddle Faddle, those who partake have nothing to do with fixing it.

The term fiddle faddle is defined in the dictionary as, “trivial matters; nonsense; a focus on the insignificant; fuss.” Fiddle faddle the term is much to do about nothing. When we feast upon Fiddle Faddle, the snack, we are getting lots of satisfaction in our taste buds, but not a lot of meat. When we live a life of fiddle faddle, we concentrate on things that do not matter while allowing the real issues to fester. We make a fuss over the trivial things in life expecting the important things to fix themselves. We seem to be an ever-growing society with a fiddle-faddle mentality.

God’s people should be different. Notice I said, “should.” I’m not clearly convinced that most of us really look at life on eternal terms. I suspect many of us see life just like the box of coated popcorn and peanuts – we want it easy. We want it fresh. We want it sugar coated. We want to put very little effort into making things better. We do not view culture as something that is part of God’s creation; something to be honored and upheld.

Someone close to me the other day said something along the lines of, “You worry too much. You need to enjoy what God has given you.” Fiddle faddle. I was created to do many things at once. I am totally capable of counting my blessings while striving to be a better Christian and a citizen with Godly convictions. My efforts just happen to include principles that I see shrinking every day. Not on account of the lost, but due to the apathy of the saved.