Nov. 13, 2018

Shut up and Stupid

In our house, the words, “shut up,” and “stupid,” are bad words. My boys were raised to understand that these two words have no place in our home. (Don’t even tell me what my boys are saying as adult men. <wink>)

Ugly words have always been around. They’ve always existed. I taught my sons in their early adolescent years that many ugly words were simply the empty thoughts of some person with a potty mouth. People sat around one day in their frustration and made the decision to come up with ugly words. They devised words, phrases and hand signals in response to their hidden anger, fear, and inadequacies.

A few years ago, the gates to hostility and hate swung wide open. Where ugly words and hateful speech were once discouraged, especially among our leaders, hate-filled, ugly speech is now becoming the norm. It seems to be growing in popularity. (Let’s not debate who open the gates or why we can’t seem to shut it now, okay?)

At one time, we filtered what was on our minds before speaking it out of our mouths. Cruelty of words has become quite popular.  “Zingers,” those sharp-edged responses, are a new tool of conversational survival these days. Many of us have a knack with words, so coming up with zingers happens almost effortlessly. (If you need a zinger, call me. Just kidding. Or am I?)

There are times I am so tempted to tell someone to shut up despite my conviction that it is indeed an ugly word.  I also seem to be tempted to begin name calling due to some of the actions, or lack of actions, displayed in our current society. I refuse. I am going to stick to my guns, practice what I preach, stay true to myself, and refrain from using the ugly words as an inappropriate response to horrid behavior.

The only way I know to end this blog without saying something hateful is to remind “us” that most of “us” got exactly what “we” asked for over the past few years. The rest of us are coining zingers in response. Its crazy.