Nov. 7, 2018

The apple never falls far from the tree...

“It does not, therefore, depend on human desire or effort, but on God’s mercy.” Romans 9:16

She was 17, fell in love, gave into emotion and wound up pregnant. Her parents removed her from high school, forced the boy to marry her, and told the world they lived happily ever after. Within the first month after the “tasteful” wedding, she lost the baby. Her parents, being devout Christians, refused to let her return to school. Instead, they paid for her GED “protecting” her from all the questions. Her parents told her not graduating with her graduating class was her punishment for her indiscretion.

She was a freshman in college. Living a charmed life didn’t prepare her for what lay ahead. She partied, became intoxicated, was gang raped, which resulted in a pregnancy. Her mother and dad, being the devout Christians they were, told her she would have the baby, give it up for adoption and accept the consequences of her bad behavior. She lived isolated and ashamed for nine months. The loneliness was almost unbearable. Once she heard her baby cry, he was passed off to an infertile couple. The feelings of isolation, shame, and loneliness continue.

She floundered most of her adult life. She went through numerous marriages and divorces conceiving and birthing multiple children by several men. She never felt the love of her father. He was distant and hateful. At one point he told her he didn’t know how she became “such a bitch” after being brought up in church. Her mother attempted to run interference but had to submit to the father’s authority. After all, he was the spiritual leader of their home. The young woman heard about forgiveness every Sunday at church where her mother led a bible study and her dad served as Deacon. She wondered what it would take for her parents to acknowledge her. Their blank stares looked across the dining table at every meal. Her children were seen as obligations.

To this day, all three women suffer from numerous illnesses, deep anxiety, tremendous guilt and ongoing shame. They pray continually for God to forgive them for messing up and not being better Christians. Each woman sought absolution by marching in protests, voting for Pro-Life candidates, and condemning any girl/woman who didn’t choose the “holy” way.

Alas, their parents smiled.

NOTE: While the stories shared are true, some details have been changed to maintain privacy.