Nov. 6, 2018

Help Wanted


“They pour out their arrogant words; all the evildoers are full of boasting.” Psalm 94:4

I want a school full of teachers who know how to count to ten and write on a chalkboard. That is all that is needed to educate children.

I want doctors who are excellent at billing patients and managing their bank accounts. I am certain that would make me healthy.

And, my trainer? I want them to give me a real bargain. I don’t really care if we exercise my arms and legs. I’m okay having great legs. Why do my arms matter?

I want sanitation workers who know how to drive a truck. I don’t really care if they know my city’s streets or can lift heavy bags.

I want a restaurateur who knows how to count the money in the cash register and can add two plus two. Does it matter if they can cook or know how to store food properly?

I don’t think job descriptions should matter. I don’t care about work history or experience. I think it is totally okay to hire people who do one thing very well and then suck at the rest of their job.

So what if we have leaders who fail miserably at uniting the United States? So what if our reputation with long established allies and friends is ruined? So what?

So what if “great” plans escalate budget woes and bring absolutely no comfort to anyone except those cheering at political rallies?

So what if these people fail at the soft skills of leadership? They can really rev up a crowd and they offer lower taxes!

I don’t think a leader needs a full skill set. I don’t think they need a proven track record in decency or morality. I just want to be rich.

And, by all means, I want my leaders to do only what I want done. Good grief! Why would I expect anything more from anyone else or for anyone else? It is all about me, isn’t it?

One thing for sure: there isn’t any reason to watch or read the news. Our leaders are gonna tell us when America is great again.

Moreover, I don’t choose my leaders based on morality or tact. I choose my leaders based solely on how they will vote on one or two issues. My immoral leaders are going to help bring morality back to America. I am a Christian and I approve this ridiculous message.