Apr. 16, 2018

Moving Day

“Let us draw near to God with a sincere heart and with the full assurance that faith brings, having our hearts sprinkled to cleanse us from a guilty conscience and having our bodies washed with pure water.” Hebrews 10:22

God never moves out. He is a permanent fixture in the Universe and in life. God was; God is; and, God will always be. If life, people, professors, doubt, or circumstances convince us otherwise, we lose faith. Faith is a terrible thing to lose. Losing faith means we move away from God. However, God never moves away from us. He may turn His head, but He doesn't remove His presence.

I can think of people in my life that were once faithful, vibrant Christians. Through a variety of circumstances or false teachings, they abandoned their faith. I believe the bible teaches that we may shun God, but if we’ve asked Jesus into our hearts, God never abandons us. We do not become His enemies. We become His estranged children.

Let’s suppose that you and I were once Christians and now our lives are full of doubt. Let’s suppose that, regardless of how we ended up here, we simply stopped believing in God. We stopped praying. We stopped attending church. We removed ourselves from Christian influence. We feel so far away from God that His involvement in our life is a distant memory.

What now?

We have two courses of action when we realize we’ve moved away from God:

First, we come home. We acknowledge our rebellion. We do not make excuses. We do not blame anyone or anything. We simply say to God, “I know You are there, I just don’t feel it right now.”

Once we draw near to God with a sincere and humbled heart, He moves in us by stirring our spirit. He was always there. We were not receptive to His presence in us. It’s called a rededication of our faith. Turning back to God is called, “repentance.” There cannot be forgiveness without repentance. There cannot be a fresh start without a rededication.

It could be that someone had a hand in leading us astray. While our moving away from God isn’t their fault, we must acknowledge to them that we can no longer deny God. At that point, the decision to continue a relationship with us is up to the unbelieving person. If someone doesn’t love and accept you in your faith, they don’t really love and accept you.

Secondly, we can continue our self-made path of moving farther away from God. What happens then? I still believe the bible teaches that God will never un-love us. He does not un-save us. He does allow us to choose our path to travel. The first path restores our relationship with Him. The second path doesn’t lead to our eternal death if Jesus does indeed live in our hearts. Again, HE does not move out. The second path takes us to a Plan B existence for our life that is helpless and hopeless. We can keep running from Him. He simply stands at the door of our hearts and whispers, “Child, come home.”

Here’s the most important question I can ever ask: “Have you invited Christ into your heart the first time?” If not, He can’t move in. If you have, He never left you and never will.

Come home.