Apr. 8, 2018


Where is Your goodness?
It seems we’ve grown bitter.
The sadness and madness…
Faith should make it all better.
The fact is everyone falls
And can’t seem to get up.
Just like Christ Jesus,
We don’t like our cup.
We pray, and we ask that
He’ll make it all go away.
We hurt, but we can’t seem
To find the right words to say.
We know God is there;
To that fact, there’s no question.
We know that He cares.
We need a fresh revelation.
We are desperate.
We are hurting.
The pain feels so great.
It’s easy to say that we trust
God with our fate.
But, trust becomes harder
The more difficult life becomes.
We believe in our God.
We believe in His Son.
We know the Holy Spirit
Intervenes in our prayers.
We know the bible teaches
Our burdens are shared.
It still hurts.
We still cry.
We still question, “Why?”
We struggle.
We shut down.
Our words become sighs.
We must keep on going.
It’s the “Christian” thing to do.
The truth is, we’re still going
Because we have to.
Life is hard.
At times, it hurts.
And, while our God is great –
Accepting the pain is what breeds
Authentic faith.