Apr. 4, 2018

Pet People

Are you tired of hearing about Hope? I can’t apologize. She touched our lives profoundly. As I reflect on the past week without our Hope-r Girl, I realize that pets teach us such meaningful lessons in love.

I wrote a poem about my relationship with Hope. If you’re not an animal person, feel free to stop reading now. If you are, I need to tell you that your love, understanding and support has been invaluable to Tommy and me.  We’ll get over it, but not quite yet.

My grief is great –

Greater still.

It makes no sense

And never will.

The grief just lingers.

There’s no release.

Someday the memories,

Will bring me peace.

For those who don’t know

The feelings this brings,

They will not understand

How deeply it stings.

Others know

And understand.

You truly were

My best friend.

I feel so empty.

I feel so strange.

Will our home

Ever be the same?

Everyone dies.

Everyone grieves.

Pets’ deaths are hard.

It’s a mystery.

Part of me feels

The pain is so great,

Because pets always love.

There’s no anger or hate.

Pets are constant.

They are always around.

They lift us up

When we are down.

Pets listen.

They don’t talk back.

They are devoted friends.

They become part of our pack.

I know time will heal

This tremendously great wound.

Just know this Hope,

My heart will always have room

For your memory

And all that you did.

The most precious gift

Is the fact that you lived.

When people ask me

If animals survive,

I’ll encourage them to read

Isaiah 65.

*Poetry by Roni Archer is copyrighted along with all contents of this website.