Mar. 13, 2018

It's All About You

To glorify You;

And only You.

For You and all Your glory.

To yield,

To teach,

To obey,

And preach.

Sharing with all the world Your story!

You and Your message

Are the reasons that I write.

I read Your word.

I pray to willingly

Fight Your fight.

You and Your message

Are the songs that I sing.

To tell others of the gift

Your salvation brings.

For You and only You.

For You and Your glory!

I am summoned and trusted.

Your path is before me.

I’ve hesitated before;

I won’t hesitate again.

I will tell of Your love!

I will point out our sin.

For Your glory.

For You.

For You to be made known.

I will do all of these things

Until You call me

To Your glorious home!

Poetry by Roni Archer is protected under copyright laws along with all contents of this website.