Mar. 6, 2018

1 Thessalonians 5 Insights

No one knows when Christ will return. Stop trying to figure it out! His second coming isn’t a game or a puzzle; it’s a deadline.

Those who know Him realize He is returning. His own children should be anticipating His return and not find it shocking when He shows up. At the same time, we need to be busy sharing His love and His message as opposed to trying to decipher some made-up code pointing to His return.

We, His children, are children of the Light; children of the day. Darkness should not find root in our lives. Clarity and truth are our foundation. We cannot behave as those who do not believe in Him. We must be different. When people look at us, they should see Him. He provides light in the darkness through His children.

We must be alert and sober-minded, which is serious and sensible; studious and logical. Those who are not children of the Light or children of the day are children of darkness and children of the night. We cannot act like the world and think that Jesus will be pleased when He returns. We must realize: We are called to be set apart so that His work can be accomplished.

Be sober. Let faith and love rule our hearts. Our hope is in His salvation. Tell others! Tell them that God is real. God does not want anyone to suffer His wrath. God wants all to know Him, believe in Him, and receive the spiritual salvation that Jesus Christ provides.

How will the world know this unless we tell them?

As far as our relationships with one another – Christian to Christian – while we await His return, we should be building one another up (ouch). We should be an encouragement to our brothers and sisters in Christ. We know what to do, so let’s just do it!

Lastly, but not least, we need to show appreciation for those who lead us in faith. There are those working hard for the Lord. Acknowledge them. God wants us to respect those who are teaching us and building us up in the faith – our pastors, our teachers, our faith leaders. When was the last time you told someone that they helped you grow spiritually? The better question is: Are you growing spiritually or remaining the same?

Love those who work for Him. Don’t argue among yourselves (ugh). Live in peace with other Christians (ouch).

Those in God’s family must warn those who are lazy in their faith. We must be brave enough and sincere enough to confront those who are not living out their faith fully and authentically. We must encourage those who are discouraged and feel defeated.

We, as God’s children, are called upon to help the weak ones. We must be patient with everyone. Roni, be patient with everyone. Stop the game of payback. Forgive as you’ve been forgiven. Strive to do what is good and right towards everyone – the lost and the found.

By all means, be happy! In all circumstances – be happy! Be in a spirit of prayer always. Be grateful in the good times and in troubled times. That’s what God wants to see from us – total and complete trust in Him regardless of what is going on around us!

Don’t shut down the work of the Spirit! Do not resent those who speak God’s truth with boldness. Instead, put what is said to the test. God’s test. Is what is being said lining up with God’s word? Not what you want God’s word to say; not what we want to hear. Is the prophet moving you closer to God; even when the challenge or  s t r e t c h i n g   hurts?

Find what is good around you and cling to it! At the same time, reject everything and everyone that is evil. Every kind of evil!

Be forgiving, but not foolish. Be gracious, but not gullible. Be wise, but not arrogant.

If we do all of this, and I know it sounds hard, God Himself will reveal Himself at just the right time and in just the right way. God’s peace will sustain us in this world. His peace sets us apart from the turmoil of life. Everything about us will be holy and righteous when we release our entire being to Him.

We are complex creatures. We have a spirit, a soul, and a body. We must love God with our spirits, our souls, and our bodies. If we do these things, we will be ready for His return. We will be ready and not caught off guard. We will be ready and be blameless in His sight because we did the very best we could do for Him, through Him, and because of Him.

We can trust God to do what He promises to do.

Be a family with other Christians! Greet one another in love and with affection. Do not just claim His grace, put that grace into action. Embrace His grace for yourself and towards others! Tell others what this part of the bible says. Tell them, teach them, and follow through on the teachings together.