Mar. 1, 2018


I’ve been accused of being arrogant. Others tell me I am “aloof.” Still others have pegged me as a troublemaker or instigator. I’m so glad my self-worth and self-image are not dependent on people’s opinions. I am who I am, and God loves me as is – He is also willing to make a few adjustments when needed. <smile>

I realize some of you think that statement is arrogant. <sigh>

Yea, I’ve burned some bridges. There were a few I never intended on burning. It happens to the best of us. Other bridges weren’t just burned. I purposely blew them to bits. It was necessary.

There are certain circumstances and behaviors that make it totally okay for us to separate ourselves from the source of evil. I’m okay with the reality that some relationships are not salvageable and really shouldn’t be salvaged.

Am I being too aloof?

I don’t look the other way very well. Some people are bothered (I’ve heard the word, “intimidated” used) by my tendency to say what’s on my mind. While I realize the bible teaches that only a fool tells everything they know, I also know the bible teaches that failure to stand is the willingness to fail God. I guess we must all decide for ourselves whether unearthing dysfunction and digging deeper is healthy or hateful.

Perhaps I am a troublemaker. Or what was the word used? Instigator. My mother always taught me that you must make a big mess of your room when you are cleaning out your closet. Unless we pull everything out into the open, we cannot sort through the mess to see what needs to stay and what needs to go. Failing to clean out your closets creates clutter and forces you to hold on to unnecessary stuff.

There are times that trouble needs to be made in order to establish sanity.

I found this quote by Rick Warren on LinkedIn (see the picture attached to this blog). I had to share it with you. Being the troublemaker that I am, I found myself asking, “Always? Really? Always?”

I do think the saying is true most of the time. Christianity involves the ministry of reconciliation. Us to God through Christ. Us to others for the sake of Christ. I also believe there are people, places, and things that do not need restoring this side of heaven. I am convinced some people, some places, and some things lead us away from God. We move into satanic oppression when we force ourselves to remain in bad company.

The Book of Job reveals there are some people who are unhealthy for us. There are unhealthy circumstances we need to declutter. Yes. I understand I am the clutter in some of your lives. <wink>

We can love people without allowing them to saturate our hearts, minds and spirits. So, Pastor Warren, some relationships are not worth restoring. They are worth releasing.