Feb. 15, 2018

Blood on our hands...

“In this is love, not that we loved God but that he loved us and sent his Son to be the atoning sacrifice for our sins.” 1 John 4:10

Jesus, help us. Lord, teach Your followers to follow You and not some political ideology. Lord, we need You. Father, shut our mouths if our desire is to defend that which is opposite of Your teachings.

Father, we are such hypocrites. Father, I pray the Church today will gather in prayer for a solemn assembly. We’ve messed up, Lord. It isn’t the fault of the public school system. It isn’t because prayer isn’t allowed in school. We are so shallow, Lord, that we do not see the root of our problems. The root of our problems, Lord, is us. What we’ve become. What we stand for. What we stand against. Father, we aren’t standing for You, so we are falling for everything.

What does Your Church do in the face of danger? We conduct active shooter classes. We begin to sell gun readiness classes. We miss the point. We yield to human fear instead of Divine Intervention.

Like, Nehemiah, Lord – my heart is broken for my country. Lord, we haven’t even built the wall; yet, it is already broken. Lord, there are cracks in our armor. Sadly, Lord, most of us could care less. Just so we get our 401K. Just so we, as Caucasians, can hold on to our egos. Just so we can point the finger and blame a particular group instead of being willing to clean up our own act.

I am ashamed to fall into the category of a Christian American. I am embarrassed for the rest of the world and the lost world to see what we’ve become. We are weak but feel strength when our guy wins. We are selfish unless our pet projects are performed. We are blind to truth because Truth no longer rules our lives.

God, help us! I cry in sincere grief for my country. Lord, help us! We don’t need to be stronger religious people. We need to be bolder people of faith. Father, we’ve forgotten this world and all its wrappings are temporary! Lord, we’ve lost sight of the eternal needs of mankind. That has nothing to do with who is sitting in public office. Our private lives are an embarrassment to You.

We lament that the world is slipping away. All the while, we push it downward. We are so consumed with what we want that we stopped asking what You need from us. It isn’t morality. It isn’t piousness. It isn’t self-righteousness, Lord. We need to remember that You are the atonement for our sins. That should be our message. That should be our battle cry! That should be our platform.

Oh, Lord, I fear we are too far gone. Lord, I think we thought that by backing one of the most sinful men ever put before us that we were somehow gaining ground. Lord, I am amazed that Your children continue to defend him more than they are willing to proclaim You. Oh, Lord, help us!

God, like Isaiah, I step up and say, “Here I am; send me.” Lord, I cannot change the world. I cannot change minds set in stone. I cannot stop violence or cruelty. I cannot make anyone treat everyone with the dignity and worth that You see in all of us. Lord, all I can do is what You call me to do. Lord, Here I am, Lord, send me.

Father, I pray this humble prayer to You knowing that You listen, You hear, but You can only act as far as Your instruments are willing to yield. Father, we have substituted perceived political strength in place of total submission to You.

Father, forgive me when my message is louder than Yours. Forgive me, Lord, when I get so angry at what I see as lack of insight and wisdom that my anger takes over Your work in me.

Father, we need You. We don’t even realize how emotionally lost we are because we are so proud that we are spiritually “found.”

We’re sick, Lord. We need the Great Physician.

In the most Holiest of names, Jesus Christ, I ask – no, I beg – that Your Spirit will move so definitively that Your people can no longer gather in groups and throw rocks at each other. In the Holiest of names, Jesus, I ask You to unify Your children under one name – the name of Jesus and only Jesus. Amen