Feb. 14, 2018

Ash Wednesday

“It smelled like smoke,”

One survivor said.

She looked around

And many were dead.

The day was dark;

As was his heart.

Who could have known?

What was the spark?

It’s beginning to feel

All too familiar.

I fear we are numb

As they pull the trigger.

It happens.

We wait.

What comes next?

Useless debate.

Shootings are increasing.

What will we do?

Everyone thinks they have the answer,

But that’s not true.

I refuse to give the argument any space.

I do not understand the human race.

We seem to care more about gun rights.

While the children see no hope in the fight.

As I scanned the pictures

From the scene,

My heart could hear

This mother’s scream.

It’s Valentine’s Day…

It’s Ash Wednesday…

But, by tomorrow

It will all be a memory.

Lives are lost;

Nothing is gained.

Despite the cost,

We’ll forget their names.

By Roni Archer - February 14, 2018

Note: the picture provided was on a public site at today.com and falls within "fair use."