Feb. 9, 2018


A recent Reuters poll* indicates that 73% of Republicans believe the FBI is bias towards our President. I’m here to declare that I fall within the…


You really do not fool me. 

Your life is full of hate. 

You try to pretend you know everything;

But, your knowledge is not that great. 

You’ve never really fooled me. 

I pegged you from the start. 

You can try to sell your mastery. 

God sees right into your heart. 

You may have fooled some others. 

They seem to fall for you.

There is a silent army building

That stands only for the Truth. 

There are those who still defend you. 

They look the other way. 

They really are not interested 

In what the facts have to say. 

I know God is not fooled. 

He knows each person’s true intent. 

I am not drawn to the foolishness; 

And, I don’t believe you’re Heaven-sent. 

Does our FBI and law enforcement* 

Always hit the mark?

No one is ever perfect,

But they certainly are not the sharks. 

So, do I claim to be an expert? 

To know everyone so well? 

No, but I do know one thing for sure –

Time is going to tell.

“The way of fools seems right to them, but the wise listen to advice.” Proverbs 12:15

Roni Archer

February 5, 2018

*“The poll findings appear to reflect the influence that Trump wields among Republicans, who have long reserved some of their highest levels of trust for the country's law enforcement agencies.”

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