Feb. 4, 2018

Obstructed View

“It is joy to the just to do justice, but destruction will come to the workers of iniquity.” Proverbs 21:15

Two child abductions will forever remain in my mind. The stories of Adam Walsh and Polly Klaas continue to haunt me.

These two tragedies most likely affected me because they were particularly brutal, and they occurred while I was raising my own children. Adam was abducted from a Sears store while shopping with his mother. Adam’s father, John Walsh, made a career out of presenting evidence in an effort to solve difficult cases.  You may recognize John Walsh from the former TV series, “America’s Most Wanted.”

Polly’s story is equally disturbing since she was at home, with friends, celebrating her birthday during a slumber party. A drug-crazed man entered the home, approached the girls, tied two of them up, and took Polly at knife point.

Both abductions ended in both children’s murders.

After evidence was discovered in Polly’s abduction and murder, police realized they had inadvertently interacted with the man while Polly was still alive. Some reports believe Polly was hidden in the perpetrator’s vehicle while police officers helped give him a push after the car stalled on private property. Other reports say that a police officer actually stopped the car but did not search the car while Polly remained hidden in the backseat. The kidnapper warned her that he would kill her and the police officer if she screamed.

Another abduction in North Texas resulted in a police officer testifying that he chose to search a car without a warrant once a young girl disappeared in a nearby town. The officer acted on a hunch and accepted the consequences. The girl was discovered and the man was arrested. While the case faced hardships due to the unlawful search and the police officer lost his job over the decision, the girl lived. The police officer at fault was offered so many jobs with better pay and benefits he could not possibly sort through them all.

I go with my gut and I accept the consequences when decisions need to be made. But, that’s just me. Current events are playing out before us. While they do not involve child abductions, they do involve the possible obstruction of justice. Law enforcement officials must make tough decisions in an effort to get to the bottom of their case. They must accept the consequences when revealing potential crimes.

If I am asked to choose between the FBI and a man trying to protect himself, his family, and his friends – I’m going with my gut. I pick the FBI. But, that’s just me.

My suspicion in this current case is that there is a little bit of guilt on one side and a whole lot of guilt on the other. As with the police officer in the North Texas child abduction case, I would find it easier to stop something wrong even if I didn’t take the exact steps that others deem as “right.” Evil triumphs when we allow it to do so. I would prefer to take my chances when seeking truth. I personally trust the court system to weed through the details, throw out what is inadmissible, and believe that justice will prevail. Well, if we let the experts do their jobs and stop getting sidetracked by smoke-screens.

But, that’s just me….