Feb. 1, 2018

My Random Musings


Here are some thoughts that came to mind during my recent media fast. Let’s call these, “musings.” Musings can be defined as random, reflective thoughts.  Here goes:

Missionaries deal with the world for how it is. Most of us lament over what “was” and think our holy objections will turn back time. Guess what? They won’t.

God knows our motives and intent. He will judge based on those. He will not judge us based on someone else’s opinion of us.

The only clock that moves backwards is a broken clock.

I love you even when we disagree. However, I won’t agree with you as a way to make you love me.

Anyone who unfriends me because of something I post or share really does me a tremendous favor. If I cannot speak freely, you are not my friend.

Friends may come and friends will go. Friendships evolve and change. Christ remains the same. Thank God! Literally.

What’s right for you isn’t always what is right for me. Let it go.

If you ask my opinion, I will give it. Isn’t that what you asked for in the first place?

We cannot help someone who is unwilling to help themselves.

God’s love for us is unfathomable. His patience is unbelievable. His coming judgment is inevitable.

To say every person that is sprinkled is bound for hell is just as naïve as saying anyone who is dunked is guaranteed Heaven.

Why is it that when the Black community stands together to expose corruption in police departments, we label them as disrespectful? However, when someone tries to discredit the FBI, we call them, “President.”

These are just a few of the revelations from Christ that I received during my media fast. Many of you will say, “Show me the verses that prove you are right!” To which I reply, “Why not read for yourself to hear what the Spirit has to say to you?