Jan. 28, 2018

Preach it!

I don’t need to preach
I need to reach
I need to share my lessons learned

Stay away from being phony
Share my personal testimony
Realizing many have been burned

I need to love as my God does
Completely, faithfully and true
I need to understand
His love and patience for man is what He wants to prove

I need to stop the anger
The anger brings such danger
To those He tries to reach

I need to breathe more often
One thing is for sure
There are times I simply must speak

Other times it is okay
To choose to walk away
Or to close down social media

To take a vacation
From all the reactions
I suspect God needs a modern Lydia

Lydia responded to what she learned
Based on what she heard and saw
She made it her business to be far-reaching

So regardless of my job
My call is to honor God
Which brings me back to teaching

Lydia was a powerful woman
Who experienced spiritual conversion
She listened, learned and shared
Becoming a woman of deep persuasion

I want everyone I meet
To see me sit at Jesus’ feet
A path on which I have no choice

God commands us to tell His story
While giving Him all the glory
Mere opinion will never silence my voice

What we must keep in mind when we speak up
Is that not everyone will agree
Maturity allows many voices to be their own
Understanding not everyone will think like me

Roni Archer - January 28, 2018