Jan. 23, 2018

Please call me, "Christian."

Hi, my name is “Christian.” I am a one-dimensional drawing because I see the world through one dimension – mine.

I seem to forget that Jesus taught us to care about many issues. Jesus cared about the couple that didn’t have wine at their wedding. Jesus cared about the woman at the well. She had been involved with so many men, she no longer knew who she was as a person. Jesus cared about the woman with the issue of blood knowing that health problems are a reality we must deal with in life.

Jesus cared about the woman caught in adultery. As in our day and age, the religious people wanted to condemn her and have control over her body. Jesus cared about those hateful, judgmental, holier-than-thou religious people. Jesus cared about the lying men who wanted to stone the woman in contempt never asking the question, “What about the guys involved?”

Jesus cared about the religious piousness that ruled His day and drug Him down a road to a cross. Jesus cared about their blindness. Jesus cried over Jerusalem’s blindness wishing He could make us all do the right thing.

Jesus cared about His arguing disciples. He cared about them when they walked with Him and when they slept through His prayer request.

Jesus was a multi-faceted thinker. Jesus was a guy who cared about everyone – all genders, all socio-economic statuses, the fake leaders, the sinners trying to remain in hiding, His disciples who missed the point, and the person a selfish society defined as insignificant. Jesus cared. Jesus still cares.

Unlike me, the one-dimensional Christian, Jesus sees the world for how it is; not how He desires it to be.  In our sin, Christ chose to die for us (Romans 5:8). God sees us for who we are, where we are, and loves us anyway.

Jesus reached down from Heaven in the form of man and embraced this mess called life.  He walked with us and His Spirit continues to do so all the days of our lives. Christ knew His core role was Savior, but He was driven out of compassion to meet physical, emotional, mental and spiritual needs. When His time came and He exited the earth, He expected His followers to carry on His work; not their agendas.

If God can meet sinners where they are and realize the many dimensions of life, why can’t I? That’s challenging. I’m not sure my one-dimensional brain has room for all those other dimensions.

I’ve asked you to call me, “Christian.” I guess I should really understand what that name reflects, shouldn’t I?