Jan. 21, 2018

Psalm 72 - January 21, 2018

Far across the oceans are leaders and kings

Who rule with a heavy hand

And do the cruelest of things.

Our soldiers are sent marching in

To bring justice and honor in the midst of sin.

If we read Psalm 72,

And we believe the bible is true,

We will see God reward

A king who exalts Jehovah as Lord.

The greatest of kings serves their entire kingdom.

They seek wealth for each person granting everyone freedom.

How do we differentiate a godly king from the rest?

Examine how he ministers to those who are oppressed.

A true king understands his call

Is to lead, to guide and to protect all.

An evil king will focus on a few;

Those who idolize what he may say or do.

A selfish king ignores the cries of the weak.

You can spot this king by the way he speaks.

An honorable king does what is right.

He remains calm in the heat of a fight.

He speaks the truth; he upholds justice.

He leads by example and then he trusts us.

He respects his people and values their lives.

He makes the homeland safe through the darkest of nights.

He will never please everyone all of the time.

Yet, his fairness and justice constantly shine.

An honorable king knows that respect is earned.

He understands failure –  knowing a lesson is learned.

A good king and his family are accountable to God.

They share a servant’s heart never needing applause.

Righteousness flourishes and the land will produce.

People are successful when they’re not feeling used.

The greatest indication of the king’s loyalty

Is not in what he says, but by the actions we see.

God rules over the good and bad king.

Nothing gets past Him; not a single thing.

So, how can we have the king described in Psalm 72?

A true leader is determined by me and by you.

Guard your vote as you guard your heart.

Following Christ’s example provides a great start.

No person should receive our cry of approval

If they willingly lead as if they are juvenile.

A great king is made by the expectations of God.

A great king is never exempt from the law.

A king cannot claim to love the Lord

While ignoring the needs of the oppressed and the poor.

If we allow a leader to abuse our trust,

The mistakes that are made fall back on us.

*While the word, "King," denotes a masculine form of leadership, I understand God willingly appoints women to lead.