Jan. 19, 2018

Dear Washington D.C.,

Did you know that almost one-half of all Americans consider themselves “in the middle” when it comes to their political and social stands?

Did you know that the 2016 election results were more an indication of the displeasure in choices than the affirmation of any candidate? Well, that and Russian hacking <smile>.

Did you know that “balance” is actually a very scriptural word?

Leaders, leaders, leaders…please lead.

We need a wall like we need a hole in our head. If the philosophy doesn’t change, the wall will not keep anyone out. We need immigration reform; not a barricade.

Dreamers are not to blame for decisions their parents made in desperation. Do you realize many dreamers do not know they were brought here illegally? I have very close friends that came from European countries, Mexico, South America, Central America, etc., and they had no idea they were not US citizens until they tried to get a US passport or registered for college. Why in the world would you punish them for something they did not cause?

Solutions are very easy, in my Independent opinion. In fact, I have some great ideas (Well, I think they are great). Call me. I am a certified life coach and would love to coach you on how to accomplish your goals. Or at least on how to accomplish SOMETHING! I know…I know…there’s that tax package and we are getting richer.

Immigration reform needs to start somewhere and it isn’t by making more mistakes. Dearest leaders, could you please lead us employing sensibility, fairness, compassion, concern, and kindness? Extreme thinking on any side of the fence, border, river, barricade, aisle, table, religion, or thought process is not what the majority of Americans want or need.

Do the right thing. Lead. Lead for all people; not just for your base. I will try to refrain from calling you, “igmoes,” but it is getting more and more difficult not to do so. However, I really don’t like name calling. Please don’t make me do it. Don’t you make me come up there.