Jan. 16, 2018


The past two years have been difficult for me in a spiritual sense. I’ve discussed my disillusionment with many close friends. I’ve received advice anywhere from “Ignore it; it will go away,” to “Speak out. You’ll know what to say.”

Anyone who reads my blog…let me rephrase that…anyone still reading my blog knows that I oscillate between trying to be nice and write about surface Christianity (i.e. be nice, show love, isn’t life great?) to angry Christianity (i.e. you’re a bunch of nuts, how could you?). Some have written to me and voiced their frustration that I seem to be a bipolar blogger.

I want to be nice. I want to stay funny. I want to be friendly and loving and sweet. I want to be this way because it is a lot more popular. When I post things about kids, puppies, kittens, or jokes, my “Likes” go way up. When I share what’s on my heart, which really is what blogging is about, I receive the silent treatment. Well, except for those who are equally passionate about the failure of Christianity.

I need you to understand something. I am a believer. I have a lifelong relationship with Christ and with church. Some of my best friends are Christians. With all that said, I need you to also know that if I weren’t a believer, I wouldn’t choose to be one.

The words “elitism,” “entitlement,” and “narrow-focused” comes to mine when I read many of your Facebook posts and memes. I must ask: You do understand that God created an entire world and not just the United States, right? You do understand that Texas isn’t the only place that faithful believers live, right? You do understand there are global needs that God assigned to us – His children – to resolve, right?

My husband scrolls right past most of the radical posts. I must admit to you that I’ve unfollowed most of you. I am not doing so because I am judging you. I am doing so because with my advocate-style personality, I don’t trust myself to ignore some of the idiotic things that are being posted.

Do you understand that we are Christ’s image? Do you understand that God cares for all people? Do you understand that there is not strength in division? There is strength in unity and common purpose.

May I admit something to you? I’ve always vehemently defended my right to be a Christian, Moderate Independent. But, the way some of my Christians friends are acting, I am seriously considering becoming a card-carrying Democrat. Why? Do I totally support the Democratic party? Absolutely not. But, the more I hear, the more I read, and the more I observe – I don’t want to be one of those elitist, entitled, narrowly-focused Christians.

If you can tell me where it says in the New Testament that our call is to disparage the poor, condemn the sinner, protect our wealth, and form our sects, I might just go register to be a Republican.

Dear Pastor, Deacon, Professed Christian, and Politically-charged Friend – Jesus doesn’t look very good from my view right now. And, I am totally sold out to Him. If I feel that way, can you imagine how non-believers feel? Is our call to defend a party, a president or a person, or is it to represent Christ Jesus our Lord?

“So, I say, walk by the Spirit, and you will not gratify the desires of the flesh.” Galatians 5:16