Jan. 12, 2018



2 Corinthians 13:5, “Examine yourselves to see whether you are in the faith; test yourselves. Do you not realize that Christ Jesus is in you—unless, of course, you fail the test?”

Judging is never right, yet we all do it. We can call it anything we want to call it in order to deny the practice, but when we list the faults of another human being – we’re judging. Christ asked us, no…He commanded us not to judge others. (Matthew 7:1)

There is a difference between judging and discerning. Judging declares another person, “guilty.” Discernment closely examines behavior for living proof (Matthew 7:20). Some believe there is something good in everyone. Some believe, if we look hard enough at any person, we will find something good. I’ve been exposed to people who prove that theory wrong <wink>.

If we claim to be Christians, we are declaring that we follow and serve Christ. He frees us from man’s legalism. He provides His grace. But, here’s the deal, if we are truly Christians, we won’t focus on what other people think of us. We will be more concerned with what Christ asks of us. If I find it easy to follow Christ, I am most likely NOT following Christ. The Christian life is an ongoing challenge. It requires constant self-evaluation and redirection.

Repeatedly in God’s word, He encourages me to examine myself. Does my walk match my talk? Do I stack up to what the bible teaches Christ’s followers should be thinking and doing with their remaining time left on earth? Do I look like, think like, and act like the example Christ provided? If I claim to be a Christian, Christ is present in me. Well, unless He isn’t.

If we don’t know what the bible says about Christ’s followers, it’s a little difficult to claim to be one. It goes much farther than simply showing up at church on Sunday and claiming a religion or denomination. We, each of us, should test ourselves. How much of Christ is evident in us? While others have no right to judge us, we have a responsibility to test our thought processes, our motives, our actions, and our attitudes.

Oh, and keep in mind - our grades are posted for all to see.