Jan. 10, 2018

In God We Trust

We want others to like what we say every time we speak.
We seem to believe everyone must agree with everything we think.
We have very little tolerance for anyone who sees things differently.
We like to point our fingers calling out anyone who disagrees.
We don’t seem to care when someone voices their pain.
We think all people should look and act the same.
We want to be right more than we want to hear the truth.
We listen only to our side disregarding any proof.
And, we wonder why our world is spinning, spilling so much hate?
Change must begin in us if we want to make things great.
It becomes more and more obvious that we’ve closed off our heart
To the real pain in our real world for those living oceans apart.
We seem to believe God favors us
All because our money reads, “In God we trust.”
We easily forget the child with very little hope.
We cling to our finances as a way to help us cope.
We think God’s love abides inside the walls we’ve built.
We have little compassion, no concern, and sadly - no guilt.
We try to convince the world that they need what we have in our lives.
All the while our hypocrisy screams as indifference cuts like knives.
What is sad, probably the saddest thing of all
Is we have no clue, no idea of how the Bible defines our call.
We’ve decided faith is based on what we want to believe.
We don’t want to be challenged by the world’s pain or by its need.
We believe the answer is for everyone to be just like us.
Then, they will deserve that money that says, “In God we trust.”
I believe our selfishness is a stench to our King.
I believe we break His heart when we dream of only things.
I believe we make Jesus weep and we stir God's anger.
Yet, we want to blame “them” when we feel fear or in danger.
How God’s heart must break as He watches us cherish our walls.
When our concern is our money, our guns, and our irrelevant church halls.
It’s amazing to me how we see only those things that we choose.
Our selective attention is tarnishing faith while Jesus is the one to lose.
I believe Jesus wept and now He weeps again.
We don't seem to care and refuse to acknowledge our own sin.
What’s the truth? What lesson can we learn?
I suspect we won’t embrace it until Jesus returns.
I’m sure you must be thinking, “Here she goes again...”
I can't shake the feeling that the problem is the Church’s sin.
Jesus, sweet Jesus, feel free to dry Your eyes.
Pour into us Your spirit instead of someone else’s lies.
Remind us, Lord, that pride comes before every fall.
Remind us, Lord, that You will judge based on what You saw.
We pray to have a Christian nation. Lord, do You even hear us?
Just read our money, Lord. It says, “In God we trust?”
To be honest, we don’t have time to concern ourselves with hurting people.
You must understand, Lord, we’ve got lots to do underneath our steeples.

Roni Archer - January 10, 2018