Jan. 6, 2018

Every Single Day

“Therefore, with minds that are alert and fully sober, set your hope on the grace to be brought to you when Jesus Christ is revealed at his coming.” 1 Peter 1:13

I received mail the other day where my friend asked the question why I seem to blog every single day. I believe my friend was trying to be helpful in telling me that I seem to talk about God an awful lot. My friend also shared with me that there was no way for anyone to keep reading my blogs every single day. My friend suggested that I consider blogging once a month or once a week. My friend wanted to enlighten me that every single day is just too much.

I love my friend. I thanked my friend, as I do with any other feedback, for caring enough to share these feelings with me. Anyone who knows me knows that I want to know how people really feel.

Blogging is interesting. I’ve compared blogging to an online diary before. Anyone who blogs offers the public an inside view of thoughts, feelings, and (for me) lessons learned.

I know there are bloggers who blog once a month. I know bloggers who blog once a week. I also know bloggers who blog only when they feel they really have something important to say. Maybe that’s the problem? Maybe I think I always have something important to say. <wink>

I blog more to share insights that the Lord reveals to me. I had another discussion with another friend that there is only one right way to look at any subject. This friend believes we should all think alike if we all believe and follow the same God. I don’t think so. I believe there is one way to God, through Jesus Christ, but I believe God is a God of uniqueness. I believe we all look differently. We all act differently. We all find and experience faith differently. I believe God talks to us in our own special code when it comes to His revelation in our lives. Here’s the most important part: I suspect we will get to Heaven and God will ask, “Why did you make such a big deal out of the minor details?”

God wants me to remain alert. God wants my thought life and physical life to be “sober.” Whether we are talking about drinking habits or thinking habits, the bible teaches sobriety as a clearheaded state of mind, moderate thinking, restrained behavior. To be these things, I must seek God’s guidance through His word and prayer every single day.

My hope is God’s grace. I was offered this amazing grace at the point of spiritual salvation. He supplies with me grace every single day. He applies grace with every single wrongdoing I commit along the way. I simply do not believe God is as mean as some people try to paint Him to be.

But, you know what? If we hang on long enough, we’re going to find out exactly what God is thinking. One day Christ will return. One day we will all face Him. One day we are going to know which beliefs honored Him and those beliefs that diminished His power on earth.

I’ve repeatedly advised a friend to be herself lately. It is so important for each of us to be who we are in Christ. Friends (and enemies), we are not supposed to look, act, or think alike. That’s the beauty of God’s creation. If He wanted clones, He most likely would have been satisfied with the company of angels.

I appreciate those of you who read my blog. I appreciate those of you who respond to my blog, whether you respond publicly or privately. I’m going to continue blogging as the Lord leads. Even if it is every single day.