Dec. 31, 2017

Looking Back

Truth be known,
I didn’t belong.
I wanted it to work; it’s true.
All along,
I never felt at home.
They set out to attack me and you.
It was a total disaster.
Don’t know what they were after?
Their attack came swiftly and hard.
There was little laughter.
A complete disaster,
Such an awful experience, my Lord!
We were friends.
I’ll say it again –
Our friendship paid the cost.
Love didn’t win.
Bitterness is a sin.
Eventually, reality and truth were lost.
I’m moving on…
I am feeling strong.
Still, it appears that Satan won.
It took so long
To acknowledge what went wrong,
I must admit the job wasn’t fun.
I wish you well.
Time will tell
If the problem was totally me.
I realize I failed.
The team never gelled.
Was I the issue? We’ll see.
It always seemed
Satan gleamed
As he attacked everyone in the place.
People were petty and mean.
The worse that I’ve seen!
I never settled into that space.
My feelings were hurt.
Perhaps I was a jerk?
I’d never faced such scrutiny.
We tried to make it work.
(There weren’t many perks.)
Perhaps it wasn’t our destiny?
I wish you well…
Again, time will tell
If the problem was really all me.
It felt like Satan’s spell
Took over so well!
I must admit – I am glad to be free.
As I look back,
Love was what lacked.
There was no warmth in the place.
I couldn’t keep track
What was said behind my back
Why didn’t they talk to my face?
From my point of view,
They resented me and you.
We held on for as long as we could.
The rest becomes skewed.
Was it me? Was it you?
I left knowing full well that I should.
I’m not dragging things out.
I still want to shout!
I remember the lies that were shared.
What was that all about?
I’m left with no doubt.
These people simply never cared.
I hope a lesson was learned.
We both feel so spurned.
The guilty ones simply walked away.
As the feelings still churn
And my heart feels so burned,
There really isn’t much left to say.
There is no need to look back.
Our brains have been racked.
I can honestly say that they won.
The truth was hijacked.
They fulfilled their pact.
They wanted me out and it’s done.
God remains glorified
Never leaving our side.
Satan cannot possibly win.
The problem was pride.
In His love we’ll abide
He forgives everyone’s sin.
I give GOD the glory.
It’s not the end of our story.
His love always prevails.
Words were accusatory;
Actions defined territory.
But, it never interfered with God’s will.

Roni Archer - December 31, 2017