Dec. 19, 2017

You can call me, "Different."

I’m different. The following list is not a bragging list. It’s more of a way to say that I should be very Conservative and…. well, live in that proud Texas bubble. But, I’m not.  I’m different.

I am a natural-born Southerner. I am Baptist; although I do not align myself completely with the Southern Baptists. Except for one. I sleep with him and have since March 19, 1977.

I’m a seminary graduate. What I learned from seminary is we don’t know as much as we like to claim we know. I also learned that Sunday School and bible study teachers deem themselves as experts forgetting they are teaching and studying denominationally-driven material. It’s kind of like politics – if you only listen to those you agree with, you don’t ever grow as a human being. Or as a Christian.

I am a licensed and ordained minister. The road to achievement was long and hard. It required I move out of my denomination. In fact, the gift was offered by an African American congregation because they knew exactly what it felt like to be discriminated against. Our religion doesn’t always reflect the One True God.

Lastly, I’m a native Texan. Yet, I am very different from most of my neighbors.

I don’t understand why we get upset that prayer is not in school. Do you pray for your children and their teachers? Then, prayer is in school.  Does a building have to be involved for God to hear our prayers of protection and concern for our children? I don’t think so. Do we teach our kids to reach out to Jesus anytime and anywhere? Then, why are we telling them the public school system controls their prayer life? I don’t understand.

I don’t understand why lying politicians irritate us? We eagerly lie about those politicians who oppose our beliefs. While we like to call it fake news when we hear a report contrary to our preference, it is simply another form of lying on our part. We accuse others of lying instead of facing the truth when we don’t like what we are being told.

Be honest. I am irritating you right now because I am telling the truth.

I don’t understand the Pro-life movement. The majority claim they are Evangelical Christians. If you are truly evangelical and really a Christian, do you not see Heaven as the ultimate destination for everyone? Even unborn babies? Why are you more concerned with a temporal law as opposed to the eternal solution? If you truly believe in “life,” why does the thought of an unwanted baby being born into a hostile environment appeal to you more than a baby entering eternity with Jesus? I suspect we are hiding the fact we want baby factories for infertile couples. I don’t see that as pro-life. I see that as pro-ego. You’re playing God, in my opinion.

I don’t understand, but I am different.

The “Merry Christmas” argument is driving me crazy. In fact, it is driving me mad. I am angry. I am angry that those who are supposed to think like Jesus are more concerned about who is saying it instead of how we show it. That doesn’t make sense to me. What would happen if we stopped arguing about who says it and we used our time and energy to live it? How much charity have you applied this Christmas season?  What would Jesus do? Argue about terminology or offer solutions to life’s pain?

We gripe about cities banning the Ten Commandments. I really don’t understand. Why not live out the Ten Commandments? How many have you kept? How many do we break every day? Why is reading them more important than revealing them?

We most likely don’t remember them. Maybe that’s why we need them posted. We need a constant reminder of morality and if our government doesn’t spell it out, we are afraid we can’t live it.

I also don’t understand shallow Christianity. I don’t get why we fight so hard (even electing a nut job) in hopes that the entire world will think like us. Is that because we don’t want to accept the mission Christ assigned to us? It would be much easier if everyone agreed with us and believed like us, wouldn’t it? Is that our goal? Do we want the road to be easy instead of putting forth effort to follow Christ’s example? Do we need everyone to think like us BEFORE we share Christ? I’m not sure that’s a mission. I think that’s a denomination.

Why do we need the government’s permission to do Christ’s work? Is the government’s buy in more important than Christ’s call? Is political permission more effective than Christ’s power?

I personally believe we’ve grown into God’s spoiled brats. But, that’s just me and you know I am different.

Interesting…aren’t we supposed to be different? When we all look the same and act the same, that’s Heaven; not a Godly nation. Of course, then we will be in Heaven with those sweet babies being rocked and raised by Jesus.

Jesus said, “They are not of the world, even as I am not of the world.” John 17:16

So, you keep trying to turn the clock back so that things remain the same. Personally, I strive to be different. So did Jesus.